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2.99 GBP

Unwins Rubies & Pearls Wallflower Seeds

Unwins Rubies & Pearls Wallflower Seeds - A delightful mix of ruby red and creamy pearl blooms make...

1.99 GBP

Unwins Cornflower Wildflower Seeds

Unwins Cornflower Wildflower Seeds - The use of herbicides and better cereal seed cleaning have turn...

2.25 GBP

Corn Salad Grote Noordhollandse per pack 10 g Flower seeds locusta

Corn salad DOlanda Dutch Valerianella locusta is a variety that grows rapidly and is extremely nutri...

2.75 GBP

Seed Tape Parsley Moskrul per tape Flower seeds crispum

Parsley Moskrul Petroselinum crispum var. Crispum has a compact growth with fine curly leaves. Moskr...

4.25 GBP

Gazania New Day Tiger mix per pack 20 seeds Flower Flower seeds rigens

A lovely perennial with fascinating brown stripes to the flowers veritable little tigers ‘New Day Ti...

1.65 GBP

Lettuce Wonder der 4 Jaargetijden per pack 2 g Flower seeds sativa

This 4 Seasons Miracle lettuce Lactuca sativa is one of the most tender succulent summer lettuce var...

2.95 GBP

Summer Carrot Seed Tape Nantes per tape Flower seeds carota

Carrot Nantes Daucus carota is a wellknown variety that is popular for its high yield and delicious...

2.75 GBP

Onion Set Ailsa Craig F1 per pack 5 g Flower seeds cepa

Seed onion Ailsa Craig F1 Hybrid Allium cepa is an extremely prolific variety. The seeds produce mas...

3.45 GBP

French Bean Standard Minidor per pack 75 g Flower seeds vulgaris

Dwarf French bean Minidor is a very thin French bean Phaseolus vulgaris with a special soft taste. I...

3.99 GBP

Lawn Flowers mix per pack 25 g Flower Flower seeds

A floral blend of lowgrowing and flowering varieties. The varieties in this lawn flower mix ensure a...

4.65 GBP

Strawberries Treasure F1 red per pack 10 seeds Flower seeds x ananassa

Strawberries Treasure Mix F1 hybrid look terrific in hanging baskets in planters or in the garden. Y...

1.65 GBP

Parsley Moskrul per pack 3 g Flower seeds crispum var. crispum

Curly parsley Moss curled Petroselinum crispum is a lowgrowing plant that produces fine dark green t...