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2.49 GBP

Peanut Butter for Garden BirdsGarden Bird Products

This special peanut butter for your feathered garden friends is very rich in calories nutritious and...

9.95 GBP

Nesting Box in Birch WoodGarden Bird Products

Give your little garden birds a nice safe place to nest with this cute little bird box in birch twig...

11.95 GBP

Butterfly BoxGarden Bird Products

When its warm and sunny in the garden butterflies are in their element. Cold and rainy days though t...

7.95 GBP

Best for Birds Nest PouchGarden Bird Products

This woven pouch with a wooden frame is ideal for providing the ultimate resting place for the small...

9.99 GBP

Best for Birds Fab Balls pack of 25 Garden Bird Products

These best quality 4 seasons fat balls can feed your garden birds all year round. These fat balls ar...

10.95 GBP

Bee HouseGarden Bird Products

There are many types of bee besides the honey bee in Europe. Mostly nonstinging they help pollinate...

15.5 GBP

Best for Birds Nest Boxes Blue Tit Dim.: 24 x 16 x 14 cm. Garden Bird Products

Lovely wooden bird nest boxes for the great tit blue tit and winter wren. Perfect for hiding in the...

17.95 GBP

Insect HotelGarden Bird Products

This lovely wellmade insect hotel provides the perfect shelter and hiding place for a wide variety o...

7.95 GBP

Best for Birds Fat Ball HolderGarden Bird Products

A sturdy metal holder for 4 fat balls for birds. Easily hung wherever you want it. The birds will ha...

13.45 GBP

Best for Birds 4Seasons Bird Feed double pack of 2 x 1 Garden Bird Products

This specially formulated 4 seasons feed offers good quality nutritional value. Its not just to help...

11.95 GBP

Best for Birds Wigwam Bird BoxGarden Bird Products

Varnished wooden nesting box in two colours. Hang it in a sheltered position to provide the birds wi...

12.45 GBP

Bird Feeder StandGarden Bird Products

Birds can always use some extra help in the winter. Peanut nets and fat balls etc. Can easily be hun...