Abracs Wire Cup Brush with Arbor 50mm | Steel

1.99 GBP

Set contains 1x 50mm cup, 1 x 50mm wire wheel and 1 x 25mm end brush. High resistance brass dipped steel wire.. For use on metal, rust and paint. Mounted on a 6mm spindle. Max rpm 4,500. This wire cup brush is ideal for surface preparation, polishing and descaling. You can use it on metal even when thickly rusted, and you'll see a marked improvement after use. The high-density crimped wire construction gives you maximum control, allowing you to finely abrade a delicate surface to strip paint. The 50 mm brush has a wide metal holder to increase stability during operation for a smoother finish. Turn the spindle end around your angle grinder until it's tightly in place and it will remain secure as you work. The steel material is durable and can withstand fast rotation against coarse materials. The brass dipped layer also keeps the wires resistant to corrosion and friction heat.* 50 mm wire cup brush for general cleaning and deburring applications* High-resistance, brass-dipped steel wire* Maximum rpm of 4500* Mounted on 6 mm spindles | Abracs Wire Cup Brush with Arbor 50mm | Steel