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28 GBP

Electric Heat Pad - HK25 by Beurer

Beurer Heat Pad Features: Automatic switch off after approx. 90 minutes 3 Temperature settings Illum...

55 GBP

To Go Mobile Shoulder Heat Pad with Powerbank - HK57 by Beurer

With a powerful powerbank for approx. 2 hours of cordless heat, it is ideal for indoors & outdoors a...

59 GBP

Cosy Electric Heated Cape - HD50 by Beurer

An electric cape made of soft & cosy snuggle fleece that is cosy & skin friendly, and featuring a de...

39 GBP

Cosy Heating Pad - HK48 by Beurer

A cosy & soft heating pad which is breathable, cosy & skin friendly, and has 3 illuminated temperatu...

55 GBP

Cosy Abdominal & Back Heating Pad - HK49 by Beurer

Beurer Heating Pad Features: Extra wide rubber strap with velcro fastener makes it comfortable to we...

25 GBP

Sixpack Electronic Muscle Stimulation Pad - EM20 by Beurer

Beurer Muscle Stimulation Pad Features: EMS (Electronic muscle stimulation) - for muscle training &...

49 GBP

Easy Fix Heating Pad - HK55 by Beurer

This heating pad has an ergonomic shape for abdomen, back & joints and when rolled up also is usable...

55 GBP

Cosy Back & Neck Heat Pad - HK58 by Beurer

Cosy & soft heating pad made of cosy micro fibre which is breathable, cosy & skinfriendly, as well a...