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12 GBP

Disney Frozen 2 Stationery Set with 'Guiding Spirit' Mini Poster

Grab yourself a bundle fit for a prince or princess with this set filled with officially licensed Fr...

12 GBP

Disney Frozen 2 Stationery with 'Guiding Spirit' Maxi Poster

Grab yourself a bundle fit for a prince or princess with this set bursting with officially licensed...

22 GBP

Jar Melo Super Soft Modelling Dough - Dinosaur Case

Portable play case with lots of accessories. Mould & squeeze your dinosaurs and lava and create your...

25 GBP

Make It Real Ultimate Bead Studio Jewellery Making Set

This set contains an astounding 2600 beads along with all the other materials needed to create anyth...

28 GBP

Learning Resources Create a Space Storage Centre

Keep your classroom or homework station neat and tidy with this bright and colourful storage centre!...

29 GBP

Buki Creation Be Teens Bead Loom Set

Inside you will find a tilting bead loom and all the materials you need to weave bracelets. With mor...

35 GBP

Knitting Kit

Learn to knit real fashion accessories in three progressive stages 1. Knit a scarf with your fingers...

46 GBP

Pilsan Children's Chalkboard Art Easel with Abacus

This sturdy 4 legged easel features a chalkboard, a storage tray on the frame, an abacus and also a...

21 GBP

Pilsan Children's Pink Hippo Whiteboard Art Easel

This large drawing board sits on a pink three legged easel with a cute baby hippo design. The easel...

20 GBP

Be Teens Charm Bracelets Set

Design and make six bracelets with the colourful beads in this charm bracelet set. The beads come in...

18 GBP

John Adams BLO Pens Animals Activity Set

In this set, kids can create animal pictures. Choose from 6 reusable stencils provided and put it on...