Beurer Tl50 SAD Therapy Light

99.99 GBP

During the winter months, a lack of light can cause low mood, irritability, lethargy and even trouble sleeping at night; these symptoms are medically recognised as Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad). The Beurer Tl50 simulates natural daylight to deliver an effective form of light therapy to help motivate and energise you. Delivering 10,000 lux of light at a distance of 15cm, just one hour a day with the Tl50 by your side can help you manage your symptoms of SAD after just 7 days of use. Thanks to its compact size, the Tl50 is easy to place in your home or place of work without being intrusive. Its impressive circular profile will illuminate your space with even, flicker-free light while lending a contemporary touch to your interior styling.