Draper Plasma Cutter 40A 230V | Stainless Steel

355.45 GBP

* IGBT inverter technology * Integrated gas regulator * High frequency pilot arc start * 12mm cut thickness * Thermal overload protection * Includes: 1 x AG60 plasma cutting torch (4m cable) and 1 x 200A earth clamp (1.8m cable) Draper Expert quality plasma cutter. This high frequency ignition plasma cutter has advanced IGBT technology with digital meter. It has a pilot arc function that ensures stability and a fast, strong and smooth cut. This efficient machine is suitable for cutting through stainless steel, aluminium and other metals up to a thickness of 12mm. Fitted with thermal overload protection to ensure maximum durability. The machine is robust, lightweight and portable, fitted with a carry handle. Supplied with AG60 plasma cutting torch and 200A earth clamp. Draper Plasma Cutter specification: * Maximum amperage: 40A * Amperage range: 20-40A * Voltage: 230V * Cutting thickness: 1-12mm * Duty cycle: 60% @ 40A / 100% @ 25A * Dimensions: 426 x 160 x 285mm * Weight: 7.2kg ASSEMBLING THE PLASMA CUTTER * Make sure the power supply information on the product’s rating plate is compatible with the power supply you intend to connect it to. * A suitable plug must be fitted by a qualified electrician. * This product’s wiring has insulation stripped in preparation for wiring a 32A plug (not supplied). * It is designed for connection to a 32-amp power supply rated at 230V AC. * Because it is constructed mostly of metal parts, it is a Class 1 machine; meaning, it must have an earth connection in the power supply. This is to prevent electrocution in the event of a failure. * Note: Remove the plug from the socket before carrying out adjustment, servicing, or maintenance. * Check that the electrical supply delivers the voltage and frequency corresponding to the product and that it is fitted with a delayed fuse suited to the maximum delivered rated current. * Note: This product has been set to the highest voltage at the factory. | Draper Plasma Cutter 40A 230V | Stainless Steel