One For All Sv9430 Full Hd 4K Indoor Aerial Inc Dab

31 GBP

One For All SV9430 Full HD 4K Indoor Aerial inc DAB Amplified indoor aerial for Freeview/HD and DAB with a built in amplifier to boost the signal accordingly up to 45dB. It also has built in 4G and GSM filters to minimise interference from other devices such as mobile phones. The aerial has a widespan pick up and comes with an integrated CoAxial cable. The ideal range of the transmitter is betweeen 0-15 miles. It has a highly modern curved design and finished in matt black. Comes complete with power supply. Blue Tooth: N Depth: 90 MM Dongle Required: N Freeview/FreeviewHD/FullHD/DAB Amplified up to 45dB Ideal range from transmitter 0-15 miles 4G Filters Coaxial Cable included Stylish Design Height: 240 MM Width: 50 MM Wifi Enabled: N