Prestige Aerolift Roast & Bake Set

18.99 GBP

Prestige Aerolift Roast & Bake Set This Two-Piece Roast And Bake Set From The Prestige Aerolift Collection Comprises A Medium And Large Baking Tray, Each Enhanced With Non-Stick Performance To Deliver Fantastic Results In The Kitchen. Their Secret Lies In The Unique Surface Of Each Tray, Which Feature A Clever Cushioned Base. Not Only Does This Help With Air Flow, As Currents Can Pass Under Your Food To Cook More Consistently, But It Also Ensures Food Won'T Stick While Cooking. Incredibly Versatile, They'Re Suitable For Everything From Slow Roasting Veggies To Quickly Heating A Batch Of Oven Chips, And Each One Is Finished With Handles To Either Side For A Confident Grip When Taking Them Out Of Your Oven. Fridge, Freezer And Dishwasher Safe, This Set Assures Peace Of Mind Thanks To Its 5-Year Guarantee. The Prestige Aerolift Roast And Bake Set Includes A Medium And A Large Baking Tray With Guaranteed Non Stick Durability Material Content: Steel Oven Safe Up To 425F / 220C / Gas Mark 7 Extra Large Handles For Comfort And Control Without Worrying About Spills Handy Measurements Marked On The Inside Of The Tin/Tray To Help You Identify Which Piece You Need To Create Your Kitchen Masterpiece Ease Of Use As Each Piece Is Fridge, Freezer And Dishwasher Safe Piece Of Mind With The Prestige 5 Year Guarantee Do Not Use In Microwave, Over Direct Heat Or Under Grills For Best Results, Use With Silicone Or Nylon Head Tools And Lightly Grease Before Each Use