PVC Earth Sleeving 100m 3mm Green/Yellow On Drum

7.38 GBP

Self extinguishing in 30 seconds. Insulation resistance 10 ohms/cm. Made to BS2848-3. <p>Choose this green and yellow sleeving when you're carrying out electrical installations to insulate and shield your wiring. Its colouring indicates that it's designed to specifically protect earth wiring.</p><p>This earth sleeving is constructed from tough PVC that is extremely flexible. Its aim is to self-extinguish within 30 seconds if there's a fire caused by an overcurrent. It has an insulation resistance of 10 ohms/cm for safety. The item comes in a generous 100 m length and is intended for wiring that measures up to 3 mm in diameter.</p><p>* Suitable for wiring of up to 3 mm in diameter</p><p>* 100 m length gives you plenty to work with</p><p>* Insulation resistance 10 ohms/cm</p><p>* Self extinguishing in 30 seconds</p><p>* Comes with drum for tidy storage and easy unrolling</p><p>* Manufactured to British Standard BS2848-3</p>