VW 5 Pole Tall Windbreak

29.99 GBP

This retro, stylish VW 5 Pole Tall Windbreak is perfect for keeping yourself sheltered from the sun and wind when you're relaxing down the beach. Official Logo - Inspired by the 1960's Volkswagen T2 campervan, the licensed windbreak features a sewn-on V-shaped print emblazoned with the iconic VW logo. So you can carry your favorite brand with you wherever you go. Simple set up - Nobody wants their windbreak collapsing on them, or even worse blowing away. Don't worry, this VW Windbreak has spiked wooden poles so you can securely plant the windbreak in soft ground and sand. With an extra tap of a mallet or hammer you can be sure that your set up for the day. Easy to store & carry - The windbreak can be rolled up into a compact size to easily store and carry with the rest of your beach essentials. A strap enables you to secure it when rolled up to prevent it unraveling. Create a more private space - As well as sheltering you from the wind and sun, the VW windbreak is perfect for creating a more private space and shielding you from the prying eyes of fellow beachgoers. Perfect for different occasions - The VW Windbreak is great for a number of different occasions, including using in the garden, on camping trips, at summer music festivals or at the beach. You're sure to find the perfect use for your VW Windbreak.